Primo Features Of The Most Deluxe Office Chairs Money Can Buy

29 October 2017
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Let's face it; you work in an office, which means that your buttocks are glued to an office chair for at least six hours a day. If you are sitting in the most basic of office chairs, there is a very good chance your entire body feels it after work. It is also not good for the human body to sit that much. If you are looking to buy a new office chair and money is no object, consider the following features of the most deluxe office chairs you can buy.

Extra Cushion Support for Your Derriere

When you sit in the best of the best, your backside is fully supported. You feel as though you are sitting on a cloud. Some people think that they do not like this sensation, but if you give it a "test drive" you are sure to find that that much cushioning feels great after four hours of non-stop sitting. Additionally, you can get a desk chair with extra cushioning for your buttocks, plus lumbar support.

Lumbar Support

In the best of office chairs, you have lumbar support both in the back of the chair and under your buttocks. The support under your buttocks pushes you up and forward so that your hips and spine are in alignment. The lumbar support in the back of these chairs follows the curve of your spine quite naturally. When you sit back in the chair, the cushions here push back against your lumbar vertebrae to provide maximum comfort.

Massage Features

The really incredible office chairs come with massage features. Some chairs are corded, which means you would have to plug the chair into the wall and your movement is limited so that you do not destroy the cord. The top-of-the-line office chairs with massage require no cords at all. The controls are on the arm rests or an accompanying remote control. People who buy these find that a little massage during lunch on stressful days can really make a difference in productivity.

Calf and Foot Massage

When you spend nearly all day sitting, you cut off blood supply to your legs and feet. That is why your legs and feet "go to sleep." By buying an office chair that has a calf and foot massage extension, you can relieve some of that awkward pins and needles sensation from sitting so much. It does cost quite a bit extra, but feels oh, so nice!

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