Sales, Order, Or Production Setbacks? ERP With Predictive Intelligence Has Arrived

22 May 2020
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IT downtime and outages are an accepted cost of the digitization of the enterprise. But what do you do when you spend more time solving problems than creating value?  Fixing business processes used to require high paid consultants and months jiggering with systems and workflow. Back then, business intelligence was an analytics add on to ERP systems. Powered by the cloud and predictive intelligence, mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) apps are identifying problems and improving processes before issues arise. Read More 

Ways To Reach And Touch Someone, While Distancing

27 April 2020
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Nothing can replace a hug. Sometimes, though, we do not have the opportunity to reach out to our loved ones and embrace them. Illness, social distancing, and high travel costs can keep us from providing in-person emotional support. With some ingenuity, you can reach out and touch someone. Gwyneth Paltrow showed the way at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. The actress popularized the no-contact birthday parade. A parade of SUVs drove by with balloons and Happy Birthday wishes for her son, Moses. Read More