Protecting Items From Damage Inside Your Moving Truck

5 November 2017
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Renting a Penske truck gives you the freedom to move without the help of a moving crew, but you'll want to know how to keep your items secure while they are in transit for your long-distance or one-way move. Here are some tips you can use as you begin packing and preparing for your move to a new city:

Use Uniform Boxes

While it may be tempting to use a hodgepodge of boxes you can find for free, having boxes that come in lots of different sizes can make it more difficult to secure your items. Instead, purchase moving boxes that are uniform in size. Your large boxes should all be the same size, and the same is true for your medium and small boxes. This will make it easier to stack the boxes inside the truck neatly, which can prevent your items from shifting during transit.

Wrap Stacks Inside The Truck

Using plastic wrap to secure your stacks of boxes provides additional protection against your items shifting in the truck. Organize small stacks inside the truck, and then wrap each one with several layers of plastic wrap. Be sure that the wrap extends all the way to the top of each stack to keep every box secured. You can then tape a sheet of paper to each stack that describes what is bundled together, as this will help you as you begin to unpack at your new home.

Secure Large Items With Bungee Straps

The inside of your truck may come with metal strips inside that can accept S-hooks and bungee straps. Take advantage of the strips by using bungee straps to secure items stored against the walls. For example, you can use the straps to keep mattresses, box springs, and headboards securely in place. They can also be used to strap down large pieces of furniture to prevent them from sliding around in the truck.

Protect With Moving Blankets

Moving blankets protect against scrapes, scratches, and dings, so be sure to use them on your furniture as you load the truck. Place the blankets around dressers and tables, and secure them with heavy-duty tape to keep them in place. You can also use the blankets to protect upholstered furniture. For this, you may need several moving blankets. Cover each piece of furniture so that no upholstery is showing, and use tape to secure the blankets in place. You may need to wrap the tape around the chair or sofa several times to ensure each blanket is secured.

Your moving truck rental company may also have additional tips you can use as you prepare for your move. Take some time to map out where your items will go inside of the truck, and follow the plan to keep your items secure during your move.

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