Benefits Of Getting Temp Work Even If You Have A Full-Time Job

8 November 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


The thought of temp work often conjures up images of unemployed or underemployed individuals. While it's true that those in these demographics can often benefit from temporary employment, they're not the only ones. Even if you currently have a full-time job, there's little stopping you from contacting an employment agency, specifying some of your areas of expertise, and then asking the agency to help you find some temp work. While the thought of working during your spare time might not always be appealing, many people find that there are several benefits to taking this industrious approach. Here are three.

You'll Make More Money When You Need It

Arguably the biggest perk to taking temp work when you're already employed is that you'll be making more money. Sometimes, a full-time job can pose a challenge when you need a little extra money. For example, while some jobs allow you to take on more shifts to earn more, this isn't always the case. If you work a salaried position, you may not be entitled to paid overtime work. Whether the holidays are approaching and you need money for presents or you're trying to save for a vacation, some temp work during evenings and weekends can help put more money into your pocket.

You May Be Able To Work From Home

Temp work doesn't just take place at job sites and other such locations. Many agencies need temporary employees for office jobs, some of which you may be able to do remotely. This means that at the conclusion of the workday of your full-time job, you won't necessarily have to rush to a new location. Instead, depending on the nature of the work, you may be able to go home, spend some time with your family, and then devote several hours over the course of the evening to your temp work — data entry, for example.

The Temp Work Could Lead To Something More

When you already have full-time work, you'd be unlikely to quit your job to explore something in a completely different field. However, when you pick up some temp work for a few hours a week, you'll have a chance to assess whether this type of work suits you more. You may feel that switching to do the temp work full time could energize you and give you a valuable change in your day. Provided that your temp agency can find an employer who can offer you more hours, your temp work could end up being a full-time job.