Three Ways To Evaluate A Staffing Agency That You Use

16 November 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you're in charge of arranging temp work for a business that you work for, you'll want to develop a strong relationship with staffing agencies that service your area. You may initially get contract workers from different staffing agencies, but have the eventual goal of doing all of your hiring through a single agency. This can be advantageous because you'll build relationships with the representatives of the agency, on whom you can rely to pair you with the right temp workers for the positions that you need filled. If you're still working with agencies like Scion Staffing in the hopes of finding the right one with which to work exclusively, here are some ways to evaluate the agencies.

Speed Of Filling Contracts

Lots of businesses face immediate staffing needs, which means that it's important for you to work with a staffing agency that can fill your contract positions quickly. Larger staffing agencies tend to excel in this area, given their large databases of people looking for contract work. It's a good sign if you can contact a staffing agency with a job description for a contract, and then have the agency forwarding you resumes to review just a few hours later. In such a scenario, you might be looking at having the positioned filled in just a few days.

Caliber Of Contract Workers

It's also ideal to evaluate the overall caliber of the temp workers that a particular staffing agency represents. While it's important for you to fill your positions quickly, you'll waste time if you're constantly taking on people who are inadequate for the role. Different staffing agencies have different screening protocols for representing workers, which means that you'll find some agencies that are more discerning about whom they represent than others. One way to assess this detail is to carefully compare the qualifications of a worker whose resume the agency sends you with the job description. You want the person to be a perfect fit, not just possess some of the attributes you seek.

Ease Of Paperwork

You don't want to be burdened by challenges of dealing with the paperwork that is necessary each time you hire a contract worker. Look for a staffing agency that can quickly get you the right documents to sign and perhaps even has a rep drop by your location to go over the paperwork in person. This can save you having to print contracts, sign them, scan them, and return them by email. Each staffing agency takes a different approach to handling its paperwork, and it's ideal if you can work with one that makes your life easier in this regard.