Maintain Your Golf Course's Lush Greenery And Provide Patrons With Space To Sit And Practice

20 November 2017
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 If you own a golf course, maintaining the lush greenery that each hole is located on and each patron with plenty of space to sit and practice while waiting their turn will help keep your golfing clientele satified. Use the tips below to help your golf course stand out and continue to provide each patron with an enjoyable golfing experience.

Hire Groundskeepers

Hire groundskeepers to assist with cutting grass, trimming trees, and leveling sand in sandpits. Provide employees with a list of work duties that need to be performed and make copies of the list so that each worker can refer to the list while they are working. Purchase supplies that are needed to complete each task including riding lawn mowers, pruning shears, sand, and rakes. Allow workers to use golf carts during working hours so that they are able to tend to the entire golf course without needing to walk far distances or lug heavy items across the property.

Install Sprinkler Systems

Purchase several sprinkler systems and have them installed along both sides of the property that the golf course is located on. Adjust each sprinkler system's timing mechanism so that water is emitted on the grass during times that the golf course isn't open. Maintain the sprinkler systems by cleaning the sprinkler heads with soapy water and a soft-bristled scrub brush from time to time and by inspecting each system's circuit board. If any parts need to be replaced, hire a sprinkler installation and repair business to swap out worn parts with new ones.

At the beginning of each day, sprinkler systems should be checked to ensure that their timing mechanisms are adjusted properly. If it is raining outside or if property is saturated, timing mechanisms should be turned off so that too much water is not administered to grass. 

Add Wooden Benches, Ball Washing Stations, And A Practice Area

Purchase wooden benches and place one or two benches next to the beginning of each hole. Install ball washing stations next to the benches so that patrons can remove dirt or grass blades from their balls before they tee off. If you would like to cater to amateur golfers as well as seasoned pros, providing clients with a practice area will help increase confidence and improve aim.

A small practice area that is roped off should contain several holes that have plenty of space between them. People can use the practice area prior to competing against their friends or family members. Contact a company, like Turf Control, for more help.