Be Kind To Your Office Equipment: 4 Ways To Protect Your Office Copier

2 March 2018
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If you have an office copier, the last thing you want is to have it break down in the middle of the workday. That's the quickest way to bring productivity to a screeching halt. It's impossible to prevent all copier malfunctions. However, with routine maintenance, and the strict enforcement of some office rules, you can reduce the occurrence of copier breakdowns. Here are four care instructions that should be followed with any office copier.

Never Copy Body Parts

If you work in an office long enough, you run into people who have copied various parts of their bodies. While this might seem like a fun way to pass the time, it's actually a quick way to destroy your copier. First, body oils aren't easy to get off the copy glass. Second, the added weight can actually cause the glass to break, which will destroy the copier and cause serious injuries to the person being copied. Avoid damage and injuries by enforcing a "no copying of body parts" rule in your office.

Make Food and Drinks Off-Limits

When it comes to office copiers, the number one rule you should have involves food and drinks. Your copiers should be kept in an area that's located as far away from food and drinks as possible. Crumbs can get inside the copier and jam up the works. Liquids can virtually destroy your copiers, especially if a large quantity of liquid is spilled on the machine. Once you have your copier room set up, be sure to make food and drinks off-limits in the area.

Use Only Hands When Shutting the Paper Trays

When you're working with the copier, it can be tempting to use your feet to close the paper trays. After all, they are located near the bottom of the machine, which is much closer to your feet. However, using your feet to close the paper trays can lead to some serious problems. Using your feet can knock the paper tray doors off their tracks, which will require a call to the repair technician. Not only that, but pushing the doors closed with your feet can actually break them. If that happens, you'll need to have the paper tray replaced, which can be costly. Protect your investment by insisting that the paper trays be closed with hands only.

Keep Boxes Away from the Sides of the Copier

If you've got limited space in your copier room, you probably have boxes on the floor. To avoid problems with your copier, be sure to keep all boxes away from the sides of the copier. This is particularly important if your copiers finisher trays are adjustable. If boxes are in the way, the finisher trays can get snagged on them, causing the trays to break. Protect your copiers by keeping all boxes away from any movable parts.

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