How Many Companies Use Folding Carton Boxes? The Number, and the Companies, May Surprise You

29 June 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


Folding cartons that are made to hold products and enclose around those products are everywhere. There is hardly a product that does not use some sort of box or carton to contain it, and even if it is presented in a different sort of packaging, you can bet that it is still shipped in a folding box for easier transport. There are hundreds of Fortune 500 companies that use these foldable, expandable cartons, and you might be surprised by some of the ones that use this product packaging the most. 

Pizza Restaurants

Many pizza delivery restaurants box up pizza and hot foodstuffs in folding cartons. Just think about the last time you ordered pizza. Think about the box it came in and how easy it was to fold out the box flat to access the pizza. Did you fold it back up again to store the leftover pizza in the fridge for later? If so, you have experience with the folding carton/box that is common to these companies. 

Mobile Phones and Tablets

These devices are well-protected inside cartons that are easily put together in one part of the factory while the devices are assembled in another part of the factory. When the two converge on the assembly and production lines, the phones and tablets are slipped into their boxes and then placed inside yet another large foldable carton for shipping. Major brands for mobile devices find that these cartons are conveniently priced such that they are not losing money in packaging, and customers often like the durability of the cartons that they tend to reuse them and recycle them for other things. 

Household Small Appliances

Big names in small appliances have found that folding boxes are perfect for boxing up and shipping products. The boxed products fit well on store shelves, too. Many of these companies you would easily recognize, from manufacturers of quality vacuums to manufacturers of countertop kitchen appliances. 

Want a Package Redesign for Convenience and Customer Ease of Use?

If you have a product line that you would like repackaged so that customers can just pull the products from the boxes and use right away, packaging companies can help. Consult with some of your nearest folding carton packaging design companies to see what they can create for you. Then watch how quickly and easily the boxes can fold into their packing shape and unfold to release the products.