4 Useful Detectable Pen Features

4 December 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you work in the food sector, then you need to take extra care not to contaminate any of your products on the production line. Metal detectable pens help you do this. Unlike regular pens, which might get into your products accidentally if someone drops or breaks one, detectable pens have a safety feature that prevents this from happening. You can find these pens on final product checks with metal detectors or X-rays if they have fallen into your product.

Before you choose which pens to buy, it's worth looking for the following features.

1. Fully Detectable Parts

It is important that all parts of a metal detectable pen show up on a detector. If a pen isn't fully detectable and parts of it end up in a food product, then you won't know it is there until a customer finds it and complains. So, look for pens with fully detectable parts and ink refills. If any part of these pens does break off, it'll show up on a detector or X-ray.

2. One-Piece Construction

Regular pens pose an extra problem in food chain production. They often have separate parts, like caps and lanyards. The more parts a pen has, the greater the chances that you'll lose or drop parts of it. So, look for one-piece pens such as ones that use retractable tips.

3. Shatterproof Materials

Even if your staff are careful to hang on to their pens, accidents can happen. If someone drops a pen from a height or it hits a hard surface, then the casing could shatter into a few different pieces. It's hard to find all these pieces and you might worry that some will get into your products. It's safer to buy pens that are made from shatterproof materials. These pens should stay intact even if you drop them.

4. The Right Inks

The pens you use in your facility need to work consistently. This isn't always possible in certain environmental conditions, such as cold rooms or freezer areas. The ink might get too cold to flow, and you won't be able to write clearly. You can choose detectable pens with different kinds of ink to meet your needs. For example, some pens can write on any surface, such as glass or plastic. Others use pressurized inks to keep a constant flow in extreme temperatures.

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