Using CBD Tinctures To Treat Your Anxiety

25 February 2021
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Anxiety is a problem for a growing number of Americans. The good news is, both scientific and anecdotal evidence show that many of these individuals have begun finding relief for their anxiety through the use of CBD tinctures. If you are considering the use of CBD to help treat your anxiety, there are a few things that you should know before purchasing your first tincture products. 

CBD Will Not Get You High

When people think of products made from cannabis plants, they tend to think of the classic high that has long been associated with these plants. However, the THC compound found in cannabis that is responsible for this high is just one of many compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant.

Thanks to advanced extraction methods, it is now possible for companies to safely and effectively isolate other compounds such as CBD without including the presence of THC in their products. What this means for you is that no matter how much CBD you consume, these products will never get you high. This fact is often very important to individuals who suffer from anxiety since the classic high that THC provides can sometimes lead to feelings of paranoia in individuals who struggle with anxiety. 

You Should Always Consult Your Doctor Before Using Tinctures

People often overlook the need to consult their doctor before adding CBD tinctures to their treatment plan because these tinctures are made from natural ingredients. However, it is important to always check with your doctor before using any type of product to treat your anxiety or any other condition. This is because even all-natural products can potentially interact with other medications that your doctor currently has you taking. 

If any of your current medications have a warning against the consumption of grapefruit while using that medication, there is a high probability that the use of CBD could also interfere with these medications. This is because the compounds found in grapefruit and the compounds found in CBD work in very similar manners. 

There Is No Current Recommended Dose For CBD

Currently, the FDA has not issued any official guidance when it comes to the dosing of CBD tinctures or other CBD products. While it is virtually impossible to overdose on these products, it is still best to use the lowest possible effective dose. To find what dose is right for you, you will need to go through a trial and error process. Just remember to start with a small dose and work your way up as needed, until you are able to achieve your desired results.