The Benefits Of Adding Heated Step Treads To Your Porch Or Deck Stairs

28 September 2021
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As fall arrives, the temperature outside will start to dip. By the time the leaves have all changed colors, there might be temps cold enough to start adding a bit of frost to your yard or other areas of your property. This, of course, will get even worse once winter arrives and you'll likely find yourself putting down some salt along your driveway or stairs on a regular basis. But there might be a different way to tackle at least part of this icy problem and that's by installing heated step treads along any outdoor stairs, such as those attached to a front porch or deck. Here's why this is a good idea for every homeowner in the coming months.

Keep Everyone in Your Family Safe, Especially Those With Less Mobility and Balance

A step covered in ice can be dangerous, even if you already know there is ice on it. Even a little bit of ice could cause someone to take a spill if it is stepped on too quickly or at the wrong angle. You and your kids might have enough balance to catch yourself, but if you have seniors or anyone with limited balance and mobility staying in your home, heated step treads can help ensure firm footing and prevent a serious injury to an older member of your family.

Reduce the Number of Places You Have to Pour Salt and Maintain the Appearance of Your Stairs

Pouring salt on your driveway or other areas of your property is just something that is an accepted fact of life during late fall and the winter season. However, by keeping your outdoor stairs heated, you have at least one area where you don't have to pour any salt. This will save you money and it might even help maintain the appearance of your stairs because there won't be salt coating them all winter long.

Make Getting Out of the House Easier Once the Snow Arrives

When you have heated step treads, snow will melt pretty much instantly instead of slowly accumulating and climbing higher and higher. If you sometimes get blizzards with multiple inches or feet of snow in your area, you might spend the first minutes of your day shoveling your stairs just so you can get out to the rest of the property or make it to your car. With heated step treads, you'll at least be able to get out the door with ease. 

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